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Small, medium and large sized businesses are all in a constant state of flux. What we learn today can dramatically alter the perceptions we had yesterday, change how we view where we are today and completely shift the direction we take tomorrow. So how do we stay on top of it all? How do we remain successful, profitable, and viable amidst a landscape of change? With the latest Business Insights News and Analysis, you'll get the in-depth analyses and critiques you need to find these answers. Our e-magazine features business insights from successful business executives, trusted business advisors, consultants, strategy, financial leaders and CFOs who can help us all understand how to create and sustain Organic Profitable Growth. So no matter where the business goes, you'll know what to do.

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Expense Savings and Cost Recovery: Chapter 6

If you have been following along, by now you’ve reviewed your strategy, understand the value of customers, considered ways to enhance leadership and organizational structures and you’ve even used financial analysis to better understand financial performance. If you’re still not hitting or exceeding your financial goals, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and audit your expenses: category by category, vendor by vendor, contract by contract and line item by line item. Are you ready? Let’s dig in!

Delivering Profitability. A Consultant’s View. Chapter 6: Expense Savings and Cost Recovery.

Financial Analysis Tool to Drive Profitability: Chapter 5

It’s not uncommon for a business manager or owner to perform well in many of the critical disciplines needed to succeed in business, but still fall short on making a profit or the income they need to survive. It’s particularly frustrating for a small business owner who puts their heart and soul into their business. They see it grow with customers who love their service, but then their business fails (or nearly fails) because they are unable to pay themselves the income they require. Adding to the frustration is knowing they could earn that needed income working for someone else.

Financial analysis is an important topic that helps business managers and owners gain a deeper understanding of how their business is performing and how to increase their net income. It utilizes information from the bookkeeper or controller to provide insights not available by looking at the bank statement, reviewing end of year tax statements, or reviewing corporate income statements. It represents a wide range of analyses useful in understanding different facets of the performance of the business.

Chapter 5: Financial Analysis as a Tool to Drive Profitability

Leadership Chapter 4 of Delivering Profitability

Delivering Profitability. Chapter 4: Leadership, Prioritizing and Inspiring.

What impact do leaders have on your business profitability? Do your leaders inspire engaged employees to produce their best results?

Welcome to the fourth of our ongoing series on delivering profitability. This month, we are exploring the relationship between leadership and profitability.

Chapter 4: Leadership Prioritizing and Inspiring

Customer Impact on Profitability: Chapter 3

Delivering Profitability. Chapter 3: Customer Impact on Profitability.

What impact do customers have on your business profitability? Does your business strategy focus on customers? Would you rather many customers or a smaller number of highly profitable customers?

Welcome to the third of our ongoing series on delivering profitability. This month, we are exploring the relationship between customers and profitability.

Chapter 3: Delivering Profitability Customer Impact

Strategy Drives Growth and Profitability Chapter 2

Delivering Profitability. Chapter 2: Strategy Drives Growth and Profitability.

The first chapter provided a broad overview of profitability. This second chapter provides the basics of strategy and why its an important driver of profitability.

Strategy defines and communicates what the business is about, where it is heading and how
the business managers plan to achieve their vision. When done well, it helps guide both
those within the company and those who provide services to the company. It defines what is
of the highest importance and what’s not. And ideally, it provides a high-level roadmap for
management’s plans to pursue and achieve its aspirations.

Delivering Profitability. Chapter 2: Strategy Drives Growth and Profitability

Sitting on a Whale Chapter 1 of Delivering Profitability

Delivering Profitability. Chapter 1: Sitting on a Whale. A Consultant’s View on Delivering Profitability

The first chapter of an e-book exploring a consultants view on how to deliver business profitably.

If you’re like most business executives, you are in one of three categories:
1. Constantly on the lookout for opportunities to increase net income
2. “Sitting on a whale fishing for minnows” [Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myths, 1988]
3. Not rocking the boat – Happy just to have your job and that nobody is complaining too loudly

If you’re in the first category, you’ve likely already pulled all the levers you know and need to find some new ones. If you’re in the second category, you probably want to find a lever which will help you make incremental improvements without taking too much risk. And yes, even if you are willing to admit that you are in the third category, it might be good to have one or two new ideas in your back pocket just in case the Board of Directors, your senior executive or your business partners decide good enough just isn’t any longer.

Delivering Profitability. Chapter 1: Sitting on a Whale

When to Hire a CFO

Article: Common questions on when to hire a full-time, part-time, contract, virtual CFO or Bookkeeper.

If you are like most successful small business owners, you started out either on your own or with significant support from those closest to you or a business partner. During the initial years, resources were scarce, so you learned how to do everything. While your trade may have been medicine, legal, publishing, construction, running a cafe or even manufacturing, you soon learned how to market and sell your product or service. You learned how to interact with your customers and how to handle the occasional customer complaints. Then, as sales increased, you learned how to hire staff and how to run payroll. You learned how to manage the company’s finances, hired a bookkeeper and understand variations in cash flow and hired a tax preparer.

White Paper: When to Hire a Full-time, Part Time or Contract CFO

David Wagstaff on Business Problem Solving

Michele Hujber interviews David Wagstaff for an in depth description of best practices in solving complex business challenges and problems.  Spending time up front to gather the facts can save both time and money.

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David Wagstaff on the Secrets to Winning

In this article David Wagstaff discusses how to grasp a better understanding than other competitors and master the flawless execution of those insights.

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