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How to Increase profitability

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CFO Services include part-time and contract financial, accounting, bookkeeping, business leadership and profitability analysis.

We provide you with the knowledge and clarity you need to make profitable decisions that drive growth, improve cash flow and turbocharge your business income and growth.

We love seeing our clients thrive.


We implement a 9 step process to deliver financial results:

  • Business Foundation: Build a Solid Foundation of Accurate Financial and Accounting records
  • Engage Stakeholders:Talk with and understand business perspective including owners, managers, employees and customers.
  • Organize Financial and Accounting for Decision Making:Customer Contribution, Product Profitability, Employee Contribution and Cash Flow Analysis.
  • Organize Business Data for Decision Making:Number of Customers, Products or Services Sold, Employee Sales, Turnover etc, Trends etc.
  • Jointly Analyze Financial, Accounting and Business Data:Focus on Opportunities and Challenges.
  • Gap Analysis:Determine Change required to Deliver Designed Results
  • Develop Business Case for Change:Develop Business Case for Change and Prioritize Opportunities.
  • Implement Charge:Combine Knowledge with Execution.
  • Measure & Refine:Develop Metrics and Tracking Results. Make it happen and make it stick. Refine and Repeat

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