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Interim CFO and COO Services

Interim CFO and COO Services Deliver Results.

Experienced CFO and COO for hire for your growing needs.


Our Interim CFO and COO Services are perfect for small businesses that have grown to the point of needing business direction or more sophisticated financial reporting and oversight, but are not ready for a full-time Chief Financial Officer or Director of Operations. We provide a CFO and COO for hire on an interim or ongoing basis that includes managing your operations, financial teams, establishing financial processes and reporting, and helping make sound strategic financial decisions.

We’re flexible, just ask and we will develop an approach that works for you.

Our CFO and COO service help clients prepare and understand:

  • Business Plans
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business or Operational Guidance
  • Financial statements from a whole business perspective
  • Cash flow statement, challenges, and solutions
  • Working capital and capital requirements
  • Business, unit, product, and customer profitability
  • Financial analysis and business analytics
  • Client invoicing and receivable collections
  • Accuracy of accounts payables and vendor contract adherence and discounting
  • Cost reporting and opportunity recognition
  • Procurement and expense category analysis
  • Production of annual budget, projections and strategies for delivering results
  • Payroll processing
  • Establishing and managing systems of control
  • Support of annual audit
  • Management of monthly bank reconciliations
  • Financial management of assets
  • Financing activities
  • Creating or maintaining and updating accounting and financial policies

Our CFO and COO consultants help clients uncover:

  • Opportunities to increase income
  • Way to raise capital from angel investor groups or venture capitalists
  • Areas to increase sales and revenue
  • Expense reduction or cost savings measures

Our CFO consultants help clients accomplish:

  • Strategic planning
  • Capital Raising
  • Merger Preparation
  • Due Dilligence Analysis
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Best practice financial processes
  • Banking and lending relationships

Contact us today to discover if you are ready for a CFO for hire or how our broad range of Interim CFO Services can help you reach your goals.

Build a Solid Foundation. Inspire Confidence. Grow Impressively.

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