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Cost Savings and Expense Reduction Analysis Consulting

Expense Reduction Analysts and Consultants = 3x Guaranteed.

We offer cost savings, expense reduction analysis and financial consulting with a guaranteed minimum 300% ROI. Better yet, we offer a contingent consulting fee arrangement with the protection of an hourly rate project. At the end of the project, you pay the lower of the two.

Why both? Because it works better for you, our client.

Click here for an example of how our expense reduction approach protects our clients.

Our expense reduction consulting service typically focuses on external spending and produces between $25,000 and $100,000 in expense reduction for each million in expenses reviewed. 

Change is inevitable. To stay competitive, businesses often need to reduce expenses. Our cost reduction consulting service helps you identify where your business is leaking money. When faced with complex financial challenges, executives often need expert expense reduction consultants to help them leap over the hurdles—and fast. Clarity FI can help you develop strategies and tactics for effective and strategic cost reduction.

We work directly with your finance, purchasing, and accounts payable departments. We start at a high level by interviewing key members of management and staff in relevant functions, gaining a thorough understanding of overall financial performance of the organization. Next, we dig deep into the details – reviewing and auditing the accounts payable files, tax payments, reviewing contracts and purchasing spend. We meet frequently with your steering committee to review progress and determine the right expense reduction tactics to produce tangible results.

Our Expense Reduction Consultants will:

  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of expenses by company, business unit, product, category and vendor
  • Review external purchases and categories most likely to produce significant strategic cost reduction
  • Develop purchasing and expense category strategies
  • Audit Accounts Payable file for duplicate payments and errors in billing
  • Review all invoices and vendor contracts
  • Engage in detailed discussions with staff to identify hidden opportunities
  • Help staff negotiate better rates with vendors while maintaining or improving service levels
  • Benchmark rates as appropriate

Contact us today to learn how our expense reduction consulting service can help you save more money. Our strategic cost reduction consulting will make an immediate impact on your bottom line – we guarantee it.

Boost efficiency. Improve service. Watch costs dwindle.


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