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Case Study #2 Expense Reduction Analysis with Guaranteed Results

Reducing duplications and streamlining processes garner big results.
How a thorough examination of expenses resulted in streamlined operations, reduced expenses and millions of dollars in savings.

Our consultants were engaged to complete a sweeping review of two recently merged mutual fund companies. We reviewed financial practices in both companies, reviewed organizational structures and did a line item review of expenses for each. Eliminating major executive expenses such as the corporate jet and executive dining hall were the obvious parts of the solution. A more detailed examination uncovered savings that were very specific to the mutual fund industry, such as duplicate “blue sky filing” fees, Bloomberg terminal fees, and even unused Wall Street Journal subscriptions. Duplicate expenses where eliminated whenever possible, and vendor rates were negotiated or re-negotiated to ensure the best possible price. Our consultants identified streamlining opportunities which offered millions of dollars in savings for the newly merged company.

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