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Small Business Advisory Board & CFO Leadership Services

Frustrated with needing financial answers but not having the time or a team member who can help?

Achieving business success but now finding you need an experienced business advisor board or part-time CFO?

When small business owners reach a particular level of success, they find they can no longer effectively manage their business by their bank balance. Their bookkeeper simply isn’t able to provide answers to the questions the business is facing. Their tax advisor is too expensive and may not be qualified to answer broader business issues.

If these challenges sound familiar and your business has between $1,000,000 and $25 million in revenue, you may wish to engage our business advisory board or part-time CFO Services. Our business advisors and CFO service is focused on small businesses with more complex questions than the typical bookkeeper or tax advisor can answer, yet doesn’t require a full time executive.

Clarity FI’s typical CFO Services client seeks between one and five days of Senior Level Financial Executive Services per month. New clients undergo a rapid initial diagnostic review. Completion generally takes between one to four weeks, and produces opportunities for improved financial results which generate a minimum of three times our annual expense. Our CFO Consultants produce better financial insights for our clients that result in immediate financial benefit.

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