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Small Business Financial Consulting Case Study

Spotlight on success—see how our consultants helped a businesses improve financial results.

Case Study #1 Small Business Financial Consulting Service

Small business, big success.
How a personal trainer transformed her business and increased income.

When the owner of a personal training business realized that her net income wasn’t on track to reach her retirement goals, she knew she had to find a way to grow her profits—and fast. While she enjoyed great success as the owner of one facility, when this entrepreneur opened a second location she ended up working at all hours. She became so wrapped up in the day-to-day operations of her business that, in spite of all her hard work, her net income declined. Eventually, she found herself on the verge of burning out.

That’s when she turned to our business consultants for help.

We conducted a survey on the strengths and weaknesses of her business by analyzing her current strategies, conducting interviews with customers and staff and reviewing cash flow and financial statements. It became clear that, while this business owner offered the best quality of services in the industry, her business tactics didn’t accurately reflect her capabilities or drive her toward her goals.

After revealing opportunities and recommending changes such as extending business hours, revising her product pricing strategy, and shifting some management duties to qualified and trustworthy professionals, we were able to help this visionary see real results. Her revenue began to soar—without a single complaint about changes to her pricing or personnel. In fact, she received nothing but praise—and more business. The changes we helped produce also gave her more time to market her services. She began appearing on radio shows and outside venues.

The results? In less than one year, this personal training tycoon saw a 500 percent return on her investment in our consulting services.

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