The Problem:

Every company strives for growth, but sometimes expansion comes with a host of unexpected challenges. Institutions that perform mergers and acquisitions are particularly vulnerable to facing complex dilemmas, including how to extract and unite the best ideas from all sources to create a single, unified direction that facilitates growth in new ways. That’s what happened when a leading Canadian financial institution acquired two large U.S. banks—each of which had its own method of driving bottom line results.

While the two newly acquired banks achieved success on their own, their methods for doing so varied dramatically. One relied on the power of organic growth, while the other pursued opportunities to drive increased efficiencies by acquiring external organizations. When the parent company integrated these two disparate entities into its business, it needed to find a harmony between the distinct approaches that would support its new structure and maximize profitability. The company leaders approached us for immediate help simplifying, clarifying, and prioritizing strategies to facilitate success for this post-merger entity.

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Our Solution:

We swiftly set up a two-day, offsite meeting with the top 25 executives to discuss new approaches that would enhance governance and establish key priorities for the new bank. Following this strategic planning session, we worked with senior management to develop new metrics they could use to assess strengths and areas needing improvement. For optimal results, we built a new dynamic financial forecasting tool that drilled into existing growth drivers—including account types, product lines, and branch contributions—and analyzed how potential market shifts would impact profits into the future.

The Results:

With our fresh, innovative tools, executives were empowered to make the smartest decisions for their newly expanded—and more focused—enterprise.

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