The Problem:

A public employee without any formal business background was given the opportunity to start and run a coffee kiosk. In spite of his lack of training, the business took off. But given his full-time job as a public employee, he needed help. He turned to his wife, who partnered with him as his chief operating officer to make the business a success. Soon they opened a second, and then a third, coffee kiosk – quickly followed by a fourth, fifth, and sixth.

While the business was booming and the income was great, the expansion put added responsibility on the chief operating officer. She found she was working early in the morning to ensure employees were at the right place at the right time, and also working until late each night managing the business and finances, and handling employee challenges.

That’s when their attorney contacted us. The entrepreneur was considering franchising and the chief operating officer wanted to consider selling some of the operations. The owners asked us to provide advice and insights on what could be done to both enable the entrepreneur to realize his dreams of expansion and support the chief operating officer’s goal of a manageable workload.

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Our Solution:

The Clarity Fi team conducted a complete business evaluation, including meeting with the business principals, visiting their coffee kiosks, having discussions with employees, conducting a full review of their financial statements, researching competitors and other franchise operations, as well as providing business valuation services.

The Results:

At the end of the project, both of the owners of the business felt they had solid insights from which to make informed decisions. In addition, our team developed a number of additional innovative approaches to meet both the CEO and the COO’s goals and objectives. They chose one of our alternatives as the path to meeting their goals and were very happy with the outcome. Thanks to clear insights that enabled informed decision making, everybody won.

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