New programs of the Entrepreneur’s Network

I’m on a mission to make a meaningful positive difference in the success of 100,000 entrepreneurs. I love entrepreneurship, so why not given back to my community. I already had the platform of the Entrepreneurs Network with over 56,000 members. But I recognized the LinkedIn platform wasn’t allowing group members to really make a positive difference for one another, and that’s when I decided to build a website to provide meaningful connections among entrepreneurs.
We are currently in the process of launching multiple programs to help entrepreneurs connect with one another and to help them succeed. The articles, Interviews with Entrepreneurs were our first step in this process.

Lead Referral Group (LeadConnect)

A Group were CEO’s and Business Development team members can meet with other similar professionals from their own country / region or with Global Entrepreneur’s around the world. This is a round table discussion where everyone has equal time and is run by a facilitator.

Peer Advisory Group (PeerConnect)

A Group were CEO’s can meet with other CEO’s share business challenges and serve as a group to hold one another accountable. Peer groups have been proven to be a very powerful tool in helping people accomplish more than they can on their own. This is a round table discussion where everyone has equal time and is run by a facilitator.

Mentorship Group (MentorConnect)

A groups where both established entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from an experienced mentor. This is still a round table discussion style but the facilitator provides answers to questions. We are also planning to add some webinars as part of this series on topics including business model development, value proposition design, how to create a pitch deck and more.

EntrepreneurConnect Benefits

EntrepreneurConnect offers a wide range of benefits to the members. These benefits are top on the list.


Connect with other Entrepreneurs from all around the world.


Learn the tactics to grow your business from business leaders.


Become successful and help other Entrepreneurs Succeed.

How we do ?

We are offering virtual meetings for these programs. All the members can participate in our programs from anywhere in the world. Our programs are designed in such a way of considering the pain points of every Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs in mind. We are building a community of masterminds.

Events Calendar

Our Initiatives

We are in the process of creating a place to connect and collaborate with Entrepreneurs.


PeerConnect is a new service brought to you by the Entrepreneur’s Network, designed to connect entrepreneurs from around the world for powerful collaboration. By participating in our PeerConnect peer advisory group, you’ll get unparalleled support, feedback and advice to transform your business into something extraordinary.

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LeadConnect is a dedicated group of global entrepreneurs, sales and business development professionals with the goal of giving and receiving valuable business leads. This unique virtual group will allow businesses around the world to grow their customer base and meet their business goals.

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MentorConnect is an innovative group designed to connect business leaders with those who aspire to grow in their roles and business. Focusing on mentorship and peer-to-peer guidance, MentorConnect is a unique way for business professionals to collaborate, develop, and tackle real-world business issues.

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Enjoy the benefits of EntrepreneurConnect by becoming a member of EntrepreneurConnect program. We are in the mission of building one of world's largest active communities for Entrepreneurs, we want you to be a part of that community.