Generating High-Quality Global Sales Leads

LeadConnect is a dedicated group of global entrepreneurs, sales and business development professionals with the goal of giving and receiving valuable business leads. This unique virtual group will allow businesses around the world to grow their customer base and meet their business goals.

Take your business networking to a global scale by connecting with industry leaders, building valuable partner, client relationships, and growing your business revenue. By signing up for LeadConnect, you’ll have the opportunity to break into new markets and customers segments by partnering with many businesses and professional contacts. Through facilitated, small-group sessions, you can share and receive valuable leads and help grow your business while supporting others.

Business Growth

Through LeadConnect, you can send and receive valuable leads to grow your business while supporting others.


High Quality Business Leads.

LeadConnect Benefits

Through active participation in our LeadConnect circles, members receive both strategic and tactical membership benefits. Tap into markets and consumer segments that you haven’t had access to before, meet entrepreneurs from around the world or just around your region of the world, foster valuable strategic business relationships, and get insights into sales best practices.

Connect to Warm Leads

Get warm introductions to your idea prospects

Connect & Collaborate

Connect and collaborate with entrepreneurs, sales and business development professionals


Gain insights into networking and sales best practices


Build a sales pipeline and grow your business.

How does LeadConnect Work?

Once your application for membership into LeadConnect has been accepted, you’ll have access to many regional or global business contacts who all have the same goal - to grow their business by helping other businesses grow. You’ll be matched with a small group of entrepreneurs, sales and business development professionals. Your group will meet at a standard time each month (or week depending upon which membership you choose). Meetings will be facilitated with each member having the same time to discuss their business and the types of strategic or sales leads they are seeking. LeadConnect members will then identify people they know in their network matching the requested characteristics. LeadConnect was designed to make sales and lead generation cost-effective and collaborative. Rather than paying for costly digital ads that don’t foster personal interaction, you can make lasting relationships with business professionals and generate high-value leads in your industry. The more engaged you are in LeadConnect, the more you’ll get out of it. By helping other businesses by generating leads for them and promoting their brand, your business will gain leads and be promoted in turn.

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In our increasingly-competitive consumer landscape, marketing your business and generating leads can be a challenge. With a group of business leaders at your side, LeadConnect can transform the way you market your business.