Connect with Business Leaders for Meaningful Collaboration

MentorConnect is an innovative group designed to connect business leaders with those who aspire to grow in their roles and business. Focusing on mentorship and peer-to-peer guidance, MentorConnect is a unique way for business professionals to collaborate, develop, and tackle real-world business issues. As part of the ClarityConnects program, MentorConnect is a global mentorship program that spans countless industries and business sectors. Work one-on-one with your mentor, creating a valuable business relationship that will help develop your skills and your business. Collaborate on resolutions for your business issues, gain insights into leadership skills and capabilities, and discuss actions that you can take to further your career.

Facilitated Video Conferencing

To make the most of MentorConnect, members will have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice through facilitated video conferencing sessions. Rather than working through emails and phone calls, MentorConnect fosters meaningful business relationships by leveraging technology to bring business professionals together from around the globe.

Membership Benefits

Every member of MentorConnect receives a wide range of valuable membership benefits. Get personalized feedback and advice and connect with global business leaders.

What you get ?


Valuable one-on-one mentorship program.

Industry Leaders

Get business advice from industry leaders.

Personal Development

Assistance with customized personal development.

Video Conferencing

High Quality dedicated video conferencing sessions.

How does MentorConnect work ?

When you sign up for MentorConnect, you’ll have the opportunity to either shape and develop professionals as a mentor, or gain valuable insights and experience as a mentee. This unique platform was designed to create meaningful business relationships for everyone involved. Through structured video conferencing, participants can ask questions, review strategies, and get advice for business issues and concerns.

Events Calendar


In our increasingly-competitive consumer landscape, marketing your business and generating leads can be a challenge. With a group of business leaders at your side, LeadConnect can transform the way you market your business.