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As a premium member you have access to addition content, membership directory and services including our Connect groups. As these services are new for this group stay tuned as we frequently add on additional services. And we are always open to suggestions on how we can make this group better for our members, just drop us an email.


A group of CEO's, Sales Professionals and Business Development Executives can meet one another to share business leads. This is an Equal time meeting. Everyone is given with same amount time to ask for Business leads from other professionals.

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Collaborate with Entrepreneurs to get help from them to solve most difficult business problems. Weekly facilitated Peer-to-Peer video meetings help you to build a good friendship with other peers, Share great ideas and help one another to become successful.

● Peer - to - Peer Meetings
● Get solutions to business challenges
● Connect with Entrepreneurs

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MentorConnect is an initiative program by Entrepreneurs Network with the purpose of connecting the aspiring Entrepreneurs with Successful Business leaders. MentorConnect is filling the gap between Entrepreneurs who are working hard to become successful and Entrepreneurs Who are already Successful.

● Personalised Feedback and Advise
● Connect with Successful Leaders
● One - on - One Coaching

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Premium Features

Profile Customization

Customise your Entrepreneurs Network profile.  Feel free to add a link to your website and you can even offer discounts for Entrepreneur Network members.

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Member Directory

Member Directory Access where people find local or global members to connect. Premium Members can find other members from your industry, members with successful business and so on.

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Events Calendar

Check our calendar for PeerConnect, LeadConnect, MentorConnect Meetings, workshops, guest speakers and topics relevant to aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

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Recommended Books

Check out some of our recommended books for startups and Estabised Businesses to learn about Business. These Books have its own valuable lessons for every Business owner.

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Stories of Entreprenuership

The Stories of Entrepreneurship is a great collection of interview articles with Successful Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs. These articles are very good resource for learning about various challenges in business
and how to overcome those challenges.

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Upcoming Workshops

Entrepreneurs Network workshop programs are developed to provide values to the members. The workshop offers practical assignements on most common business topics based on demand. Each participant is given a chance to discuss with the peers through chat room. Every participant will get a certificate of completion who attend the full workshop to showcase in their resume or linkedin.

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Delivering Profitablity

Access premium content to increase profitability of any business. The content includes the best business strategies to drive both growth and profitability. Financial analysis, expense savings and cost recovery and understanding customers and their impact as tools to drive profitability. Grow your business with the most valuable premium content on financial management to grow profitably.

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Special Discounts

We want every members of Entrepreneurs Network to get benefits not only from Entrepreneurs Network, but also from other members. Members can offer discounts to other members and get discounts from other members.