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Consulting Studies Surveys

Why do we say the solution is obvious?
Because when you look at the bigger picture, you see how it all fits together.

Clarity FI consultants conduct studies and surveys on a regular basis to constantly broaden our knowledge base. We like to see how businesses feel about consulting services and what works best for them. We like to examine the industry from all angles so we can get a firm grasp on ways to generate the best results. We like to know where the future will take us and how to capitalize on the most important trends and help you highlight products that are in the greatest demand. In essence, we like to see how it all works so we can provide expert advice that gives you the maximum return on your investment with us.

We conducted a brief survey of a of a few key senior financial decision makers at large firms. This study is not and was not designed nor intended to be scientifically correct as our sample size was very limited. However, we believe it does provide some interesting observations.

1.Given the current economic environment, how does your organization presently balance the need for future growth and long term profitability?

  • Generally speaking, efforts and expenditures are channeled into dealing with short term crises -10%
  • Current spending on growth initiatives has been cut, but work on priority growth initiatives continues. – 45%
  • We have maintained or expanded current spending on initiatives for future growth. – 45%

2. If your department or company DID require a consultant, how would that provider likely be found (select all that apply)?
a.Personal contacts 100%
b.Referral by Peers 75%
c.Industry Trade Group 12.5%
d.Preferred Vendor Process 12.5%

3.The last time your department or company engaged a consultant, what event triggered that decision (select all that apply)?
a.A need for a specialized skill 87.5%
b.A merger or significant business change 29%
c.A need to lower expenses 14%
d.A need to increase revenues 14%
e.Increased Competition 14%

4.What services are most beneficial to your business
a.Most Beneficial Services
i.Management Dashboards
ii.Productivity and Efficiency
iii.Strategies and Tactics for Growth
iv.Strategic Planning
v.Customer Experience
vi.Process Design
vii.Expense Management
b.Least Beneficial Services
i.Part time or Interim management
vii.Product Pricing
iii.Customer Attrition Modeling
iv.Neutral Third Party

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