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Crowdfunding Leadership, CFO and Advisory Board Services

Seeking Crowdfunding, Angel Funding or Raising Seed Capital?

You will need a strong team!

Our senior level leadership team and advisors can help you raise credibility and provide solid business guidance. We offer business leadership, CFO services and advisors to your board to help guide your business and to help make raising capital easier. We offer our leadership services as part of your team or on a consulting basis.

Success in crowdfunding takes more than just a good idea. It takes raising confidence in your business and providing confidence that your business is ready to be successful.

We provide experienced leaders who can help you build the infrastructure you need. We offer attractive daily rates so you can buy just the amount of expertise you require.  Our Managing Principal was one of 4 key executive officers at a business which raised over $15 million in angel, early stage and venture capital.

Leadership on demand. Sized just right, to fit your business.

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