Kaka Singh| Home Based Entrepreneur and Personal Development Coach

Introduction and Interview by David Wagstaff

This interview with Kaka Singh is part of a series of articles from entrepreneurs, compiled with the goal of providing other business owners and soon-to-be business owners with a realistic view of what it takes to run a business and some of the challenges commonly faced.

I first learned about Kaka Singh as I was reviewing applications for the Entrepreneur’s Network.  I liked that her profile spoke of a life of abundance.

I remember another entrepreneur telling me that he felt that he was able to create his own abundance of money and time. If he needed more money, he just created it. If he needed more time, he just created it.  For him, entrepreneurship was about a life of abundance, even though he had nearly gone bankrupt with a prior business.  His current business was thriving.

Abundance is really a state of mind. You can have no monetary assets and still feel that you’re in a state of abundance, or you can have lots of money and not feel abundance. From that perspective, I wanted to learn more about Kaka’s story.

One thing that should become clear while reading this series is that there are common challenges in running a business regardless of what industry you’re in.



Running any kind of business requires a level of mastery in the fundamentals of business. To successfully run a business, you need to know at least foundational skills in the following areas.

  • Creating a business model
  • Attracting customers
  • Serving and retaining customers
  • Managing financial decision-making including pricing, cash flow, expenses, purchases and other key financial decisions
  • If the business is larger than one-person, human resources

Something I like about Kaka’s story is that she faces some of the challenges I believe are most common among small very early startups:

  • How do we attract customers?
  • How do we optimize our website for SEO?
  • How do we pay the bills until the business reaches the potential we are confident is possible?

Beyond the common challenges Kaka faces, I love her outlook and believe she nails it when she defines those “challenges” as opportunities.  I was speaking with another aspiring entrepreneur the other day who told me of the many challenges he is facing by being in a country other than his birth country. By the end of that call, much like in Kaka’s story, we had found that several of those challenges and disadvantages he was experiencing might actually be the opportunity he was searching for.  He is not alone in these challenges. If he is able to develop a solution to lessen these challenges, he likely has a huge audience of people who he might be able to help.



I think Kaka is exactly right; entrepreneurs can see challenges as opportunities for new businesses or simply for new learning.


1) What led you to become an entrepreneur?

I was unemployed for some time which affected my state of being. Fast forward, I was tired of playing the victim role in life and decided to take the control back to build my life. This led me to start a home-based business where I have had the opportunity to be flexible in my working hours and to live the dream life.


2) A brief description of your business and what are your aspirations for it?

I run a home business in the field of personal development. The profit ranges from $1,828 to $5,000 per potential business opportunity. It is a level playing field. One of the belief systems of this business is that our external reality reflects our internal state of being. Hence, by developing ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we can manifest our dreams into reality.

In a nutshell, while developing ourselves we are also earning.  I aspire to share this business opportunity worldwide to empower individuals to turn their dreams into reality and truly experience the meaning of life. This includes those in countries that are termed as “3rd world countries.” Also, to spread the importance of personal development.


3) What things have you done with your business that you are proud of or work really well?

I am truly enjoying the process and being detached from the happenings of my business. I am glad that I am expanding my perception with depth and openness to understand myself. This in return creates the reality I am looking for. I have learned that every moment has infinite possibilities and I will always be open to this field of possibility to attract what I want. Lastly, I am just in love with my business and life.


4) What were some of your biggest challenges along the way?

I am having one of my biggest “challenges” now. I started this business in Dec 2018/Jan2019. Due to being jobless and having only contract jobs, I did not have much savings. Nevertheless, I managed to invest in this home-based business. However, I do need the finances to fund my digital/internet marketing. Therefore, presently I am working part-time to fund my business. My business is always my priority and the part-time job is merely an income-producing action for my business.   The reason I put a quotation mark for the word challenges is only because I do not view my low finances as a challenge. Rather it is an opportunity to learn new skills, interact with people, build contacts, and in my free time I do my personal development or develop a new advertisement to market my business in the future. I am enjoying the ride without jumping to the conclusion that this is a challenge for me.


5) Have you overcome the challenges? If so how?

I will overcome challenges, if I see them as one. I view challenges as an opportunity. For example, If people had no issue with walking, transportation would not be around. If people had no issues with sending messages via pigeons, then email, Skype, WhatsApp and more would not be around. Some people view it as a problem/challenge and some view it as an opportunity to learn or create something. Be the latter; I am learning to do that too. 😊


6) What have you learned and what would you like to share with other entrepreneurs?

Here are a few things that I would love to share with all entrepreneurs:

  • We live in our own universe where we are the creators of the events that happen in our universe.
  • Realize your power and use it wisely.
  • We already have whatever we need to succeed in life.
  • Every moment has infinite possibilities; be open to those and do not jump to conclusions.


7) Is there someone or a group of people you would like to meet? For example, investors in the electrical industry, mentors in the publishing industry.

  • A knowledgeable SEO person. Specific is helpful.
  • Mentors in internet/digital marketing.
  • Individuals who want to be an entrepreneur but do not know what business to start or how to start it.
  • People in the field of personal development & spiritually such as life coaches, healers, therapists, counselors, psychologists.
  • Organizations in sales that would like to develop their employees to achieve goals and objectives.
  • CEOs that want to build their businesses and have a better relationship with their employees.



About Kaka Singh, Home Based Entrepreneur and Personal Development Advisor.

Website: Kaka Singh

Social media handles :

Facebook: @ks.bethat        |           Instagram: @ks.bethat              |           LinkedIn: Kaka Singh

Twitter: @BeThat10

I would like to explain my company name, Be That. People usually ask what does be that mean. It basically means to be whatever you are looking for. For example, if abundance is what we want to attract in life, we need to be in an abundant state of being rather than scarcity state of being. So Be In That State of Being to attract whatever you want in life.

Kaka Singh has just started her own home-based personal development business and is in the process working through funding the business, marketing the business and other common challenges for entrepreneurs.


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