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About Us: Strategic Financial Business Consultants and Part-time CFO Service

Strategic and Financial Business Management Consultants

Startup and Part-Time Financial Leadership and Bookkeeping Services

Financial Reporting and Financial Modeling.

Clarity FI is a finance focused business management consulting firm.

We offer Strategic and Financial Consultants, Business Advisory Services, Part-time or Time Sharing Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Services, Bookkeeping Service, Leadership Teams, Expert Advisory Boards for Businesses and Business Evaluation Services.  We help organizations evaluate and understand financial decisions, and mine information and data to chart the clearest path to success. We partner with management to enhance customer experience, optimize product pricing, save costs, reduce expenses, and engage employees and customers to produce tangible, achievable results. The bottom line? We want to help you increase income, lower expenses, and watch your profits soar.

Let’s peel back another layer and show you our core values:

  • Integrity

We are honest and fair in all our interactions. We treat customers, partners and employees with honesty and respect. We do it because we believe it the right thing to do. . . . and it doesn’t hurt that we believe in Karma.

  • Results

We believe we are only successful when you’re successful. We deliver tangible, quantifiable results based on facts, research, solid analysis and a clear path to execution.

  • Adaptability

With Clarity FI, your needs come first—because if you don’t succeed, neither do we. Our small-firm speed, efficiency and flexibility, enables us to adapt to serve your unique needs and deliver really big results.

  • Collaboration

Our business is based on a spirit of trust and a shared commitment to realize your success.

  • Substance

Informed decisions rely on accurate, fact-based information. To ensure you receive consistently superior value, we employ proven methodologies, data, business analytics and deep industry knowledge in avenues of our work.

  • Structure

What matters most is not the size of the building, but the strength of its foundation. We have worked on projects large and small—and know how to create a blueprint that shows you where to go and how to get there on time and on budget.

David Wagstaff, MBA, Finance, Management Accounting & Entrepreneurship (New Venture Creation)
Managing Principal: Strategic and Financial Management Consulting and CFO Services
Clarity FI, LLC

Welcome to 20/20 Vision.

To learn more about our team, just ask us. We would be glad to send you professional biographies to fit your unique consulting or financial leadership requirements. 877-866-9813

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