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  • Strategic Consulting

    Advisors helping business develop strategy that delivers results

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  • Business Advisors & Financial Leadership

    Part Time or Shared CFO Services Provides Leadership to Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

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Startup & Small Business Consulting

We guide you from startup through growth. Business processes to succeed. Finding funding, the right team, building sales, increasing income and profitability. Manage expenses, generate positive cash flow, and achieve your goals.

Small Business Advisors and Financial Leadership (CFO) Services

Advice, consulting and financial leadership. Finding funding and capital through managing cash flow and profitability. Partner with us for the success of your business.

Middle Market thru Fortune 100 Business Financial Consulting Services

Strategically grow revenue, reduce risk, improve management control, decrease expenses, improve contracting and purchasing processes.

People say the nicest things about us.

David is perhaps one of the most gracious clients I have ever worked with. He’s both understanding and very insightful. Communications are fast and efficient and all transactions relating to the project were on time. A wonderful experience.

Patrick Parnaby, PhD, Business Partner Review, Associate Professor of Sociology -- University of Guelp

David is the kind of client you dream of working with–so much so that even the word “client” sounds too terse a term. He partners with you to make sure you can clearly understand exactly what he is envisioning, offering extremely responsive and helpful feedback. He even offered to answer questions by phone or email during non-traditional working times to keep this project running smoothly and efficiently. I thoroughly enjoyed working with David on this project and hope to continue this relationship well into the future.

Jocelyn Brady, Business Partner Review, Owner -- Scribe LLC

I’ve had the pleasure to work with David for about one year. He is a strong manager, thoughtful teacher, and an exceptional consultant.

David has the knowledge and inspiration to lead others. He consistently cares for his colleagues and clients. David clearly conveys instructions and makes valuable recommendations. He successfully worked with a diverse team to bring about positive change and real results.

David was an invaluable teacher and mentor who easily communicated his extremely wide breadth and depth of expertise. David’s open-ended advice and insightful lessons quickly increased my capabilities.

Finally, David works relentlessly to deliver value for his clients. He is quite creative yet logical and practical. He will not rest until every bit of opportunity is explored and until all expectations are exceeded.

Vladimir Vukicevic, Co-Founder -- RocketHub, Inc. (Crowdfunding Platform)

I was extremely happy with the work undertaken. Good communication ensured the work was completed efficiently and to specification. The expertise, initiative and understanding of the subject matter helped to provide a very useful outcome for my project. Thanks!

M. Palmer, Senior Market Analyst -- PIRSA - South Australia Government

David, director of Clarity FI, has an exceptional ability to see through the haze of complex issues and clearly understand what problems need to be solved to move forward in a transformational way.

Larry Hyett -- Hyett & Company

In my role as Sr VP Finance & Accounting at Univest Corporation I engaged David to identify revenue and expense opportunities. David used relatively sophisticated data techniques to identify a number of opportunities which we were able to exploit successfully. David was very customer service oriented and acted as a valuable asset in identifying, implementing and measuring the results of the initiatives we engaged him for. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Phil Rush -- Univest Corporation

The incredible insight into cost efficient ways to do things in conjunction with the expert knowledge in running small businesses seamlessly has helped us with getting started very quickly.

Brynne Tillman -- Business Development University

David is exceptionally knowledgeable within and beyond the financial market space. I highly recommend David and his firm for any analytical or research needs within the financial services industry.

Tony Streeter, Sr. Solutions Architect -- Deluxe Corporation

David is highly organized, very methodical and an absolute professional. He went above and beyond to ensure that our project was a success. I would absolutely hire David again. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Elena Danke, Director of Marketing -- Aquafin Inc.

I strongly recommend Clarity FI for any business intelligence project where you need prompt answers and real ROI.

Joe Cusatis, SVP, Client Review -- Vantage Point Bank

Smart, professional, personal and concise, David is an experienced, polished strategic & financial business consultant. He’s organized, forward thinking, responsive, honest and thorough. I highly recommend David.

Denise Peck, Vice President -- Ablaze Group

About Us

Professional management business consultants and advisers serving startup, small and mid-sized business. We provide sound strategic financial, accounting and business insights built on solid business evaluation; a foundation of quantitative analysis and qualitative research; process review and problem solving. Our clients are entrepreneur’s and business managers who are experts on their industry. We know the business of business, assisting clients in making smart business financial decisions. Our business advisors produce results. We provide founders and managers, small business financial leadership available by the day and part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services, management accountants and leadership support for crowdfunding, angel investors, venture capital funding and cash flow management. Our professional financial consulting service generates top line revenue growth and expense reduction. Ask us about how we help clients realize Massive Value.

Financial, Accounting and Strategic Insights. Shrink Expenses. Grow Revenues. Improve Net Income and Cash Flow.

Serving Frederick Maryland, Philadelphia, Wilmington, South Jersey and Atlantic City and Central Michigan markets. Our Financial Management Consulting Offices are in Philly, Atlantic City, Cherry Hill, Frederick Maryland, Alma and Mt Pleasant, MI. Our clients span the Mid-Atlantic region including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Michigan.

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