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Expense and Cost Recovery Consulting

Contract Compliance Audit Consulting Service

Contract Compliance Auditors return expense dollars, lower risk, improve business processes and strengthen negotiating position.

Our contract auditors and analysts not only review a standard list of known expense overcharge issues, but also conduct analytic exploration for non-standard opportunities and contractual issues.

Our contract compliance auditors and consultants focuses on contract compliance, risk management and returning money to our clients from vendors / suppliers, service providers and government entities who overcharged or billed for services in error. In addition to uncovering risks and opportunity for expense recovery, our analysis also provide insights for contact negotiations that can result in large savings and reduce risks.

We work directly with your finance, purchasing, sourcing and accounts payable departments. We start at a high level by interviewing key members of management and staff in relevant functions, gaining a thorough understanding of overall financial performance of the organization. Next, we dig deep into the details – reviewing and auditing the accounts payable files, tax payments, reviewing master services agreements, general contracts, statements of work and purchasing spend. We meet frequently with your steering committee to review progress and determine the right tactics to produce tangible results.

In addition to analytic exploration, our cost recovery audit and expense reduction analytics consulting services reviews include:

  • Accounts Payable Audit Services
  • Cost Segregation Study
  • Contract and Pricing Review
  • Car Rental Contract Compliance Audit
  • Duplicate Payments Review
  • Employer Tax Credits
  • Express Delivery and Package Shipment Expense Audit
  • Freight Audit
  • General Billing Errors
  • Insurance Audit
  • IT Expense Recovery
  • IT Hardware Expense Review
  • Systematic Invoice Processing Errors
  • Lease Audit
  • Office Supplies Audit
  • Procurement and Accounts Payable Process Reviews
  • Professional Services Contract Compliance Audit
  • Property Tax and Real Estate Audit
  • Returned Items and Goods
  • Sales Tax Review
  • Software License Review
  • Systematic Billing or Payment Errors
  • Telecomm Expense and Billing Audit
  • Travel Audit
  • Business Use Tax Review
  • Utility Rate and Cost Management Audits
  • Vendor Billing Rate and Volume Review
  • Waste Management and Recycling Audit and Cost Recovery Services
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Review

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