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Clarity FI is a monthly accounting service with a difference. Yes, we analyze, report on and summarize your financial data. Every accountant does. But we go beyond accounting to uncover insights that boost your profitability.

Are you a small service business that wants to grow? Hire us to do your monthly accounting, profitably. We deliver financial expertise that boosts your income, reduces your costs and makes your profits soar. We use a proprietary, proven process to uncover money-making opportunities in every corner of your business. Learn more by calling us today.

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Boost Your Income

As your accountants, we work every month to uncover money-making opportunities in your business.

Cut Your Costs

As an extension of your management team, we help you reduce your expenses and improve efficiency.

Boost Your Profits

There's more to profitability than subtracting your expenses from your revenue. We help you not only survive—but thrive.

Boost Your Confidence

Understand how your financial results today affect your business results tomorrow. Then act with confidence.

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