Connecting Entrepreneurs

PeerConnect is a new service brought to you by the Entrepreneur’s Network, designed to connect entrepreneurs from around the world for powerful collaboration. By participating in our PeerConnect peer advisory group, you’ll get unparalleled support, feedback and advice to transform your business into something extraordinary.
And you will be held accountable by your peer – this can be incredibly powerful in helping you accomplish your vision. When you sign up for PeerConnect, you’ll get access to thought leaders in a wide range of industries, and
you’ll be matched with the right peer advisory group based on your specific business goals.
The facilitated groups of eight to twelve people ensure that everyone gets the most out of their PeerConnect membership. We are excited to have you as part of PeerConnect and are excited to help your business succeed.

Facilitated Peer Advisory Groups

Through PeerConnect, your peers will be ready to help you solve your business challenges. PeerConnect was designed to foster impactful collaboration between entrepreneurs around the world by allowing you to connect with industry leaders and personalized coaching.

Discuss and solve current business challenges

Connecting with entrepreneurs that have different perspectives can help you solve complex business challenges and create lasting solutions for your business. Our weekly facilitated video peer meetings allow you to connect with peers, collaborate on ideas, and present business challenges to the group to find a resolution.

Membership Benefits

Every member of PeerConnect receives a wide range of membership benefits. From small group sessions to continued feedback and support on your business ventures, PeerConnect is the ideal peer advisory group for any entrepreneur. When you sign up for PeerConnect, you’ll receive the following benefits and more:

● Peer coaching
● Peer mentoring
● Facilitated weekly meetings
● Insight into real-world business problems
● Network with industry leaders



Small group sessions designed to foster conversation and collaboration.

Problem Solving

Get insights into cutting-edge solutions for your business challenges.


Develop strategic business action plans for the future to overcome challenges.

Shared Experiences

Share your business challenges and experiences with leaders in your industry.

Why choose us ?

The Entrepreneur’s Network is one of the largest global groups of Entrepreneur’s with over 56,000 members.
We are adding new services to create value for members and help them succeed.

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