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Sitting on a Whale Chapter 1 of Delivering Profitability

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Delivering Profitability. Chapter 1: Sitting on a Whale. A Consultant’s View on Delivering Profitability

The first chapter of an e-book exploring a consultants view on how to deliver business profitably.

If you’re like most business executives, you are in one of three categories:
1. Constantly on the lookout for opportunities to increase net income
2. “Sitting on a whale fishing for minnows” [Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myths, 1988]
3. Not rocking the boat – Happy just to have your job and that nobody is complaining too loudly

If you’re in the first category, you’ve likely already pulled all the levers you know and need to find some new ones. If you’re in the second category, you probably want to find a lever which will help you make incremental improvements without taking too much risk. And yes, even if you are willing to admit that you are in the third category, it might be good to have one or two new ideas in your back pocket just in case the Board of Directors, your senior executive or your business partners decide good enough just isn’t any longer.

Delivering Profitability. Chapter 1: Sitting on a Whale